Some of us have made terrible mistakes. I have always been drawn to using photography as a tool to document the aftermath of trauma and how that shapes one’s identity.

Being a photographer has taught me to re-examine what has always been in front of me. Being from Kentucky has taught me to appreciate that in all things that are flawed there is also great promise. I am from a place that gives back what you put into it.

To an outsider, Kentucky may not seem like a place with much to offer. It’s easy to look at all of the things it isn’t instead of what it can be. In photographing my family, I see that they share many of the same sentiments about themselves and it parallels with this place. I know sometimes I see that in myself. But I’ve never been interested in just the surface of things.

I am the oldest of three, but more like a mother than a sister.

I constructed a family of siblings, both real and assumed. Between Home and Here is an ongoing photographic project that addresses deeply internalized guilt and the essence of loved ones.

This is a story about hating and loving where you are from. It comes from doing anything
to go back to a place that you left.

I left my heart in Kentucky and came back to find it.

The photographs are artifacts from my search.