When I was very small, my father and I made a water slide
that killed all of the grass in our front yard, but he never cared.
Many years later I found myself being yelled at for leaving tire
tracks from my first car in his front yard. There is a hole in the
tree from my teenage home where boys used to leave me notes.


seasons change and so do you is a series of work about memory
and the physical and emotional impressions that are left in the
landscape and on the heart. As the landscape alters and blooms
from the weather, other things die and shrivel away. I find that the
always-changing Texas terrain mimics the mechanism in which I
create, distort, and store away the memories of my past. This series
was photographed in the Northern Region of Texas in locations that
I drive by multiple times a day. This body of work is inspired by drastic
changes in weather, metamorphosis and memories associated with
seasons from the past.